4 benefits of taking a tour in St Maarten

What are the benefits of taking a tour in St Maarten?St Maarten, rich in culture and beauty is a popular vacation destination. The year-round beautiful weather coupled with more than 30 beaches and the local cuisine alone would be enough to attract anyone, but there are numerous other reasons to visit St. Maarten. Even those that have visited once or twice before have probably not covered or seen a quarter of what this beautiful island has to offer. As such, this is an excellent reason to take a tour during your next St. Maarten vacation. More importantly, why would you want to waste precious time trying to find fun activities and places to visit when you can have an experienced local show you around? This is especially true for first-time visitors. After all, the majority of vacations last anywhere from 4-12 days and spending every second of that time either relaxing or enjoying yourself should always be the goal. Visit SXM Vacances for more information on the types of tours offered today. Below are some tour benefits

An experienced local guide

An experienced local guide leads every group, as a result, the trips are meticulously planned to be both fun and informative. With a guide, you would be introduced to little known local treasures you would have otherwise missed. Your guide would also inform you of the best places to eat, what type of payments are accepted (e.g. cash, debit/credit cards, etc.) and the most reputable/safest nightlife venues to visit.  

Excellent Communication and lower chances of getting lost (Walkie-Talkie)

Throughout the tour, vacationers are allowed to look around without fear of losing their groups or being left behind. This is because walkie-talkie devices are distributed at the beginning of the tour and open communication is maintained throughout the trip to ensure that no one is left behind or lost. This makes SXM Vacances tourist services unique because unlike most companies, you are actually encouraged to explore. As a result, you and your family can fully explore and enjoy the experience without worrying.


The transportation services provided during the tours are always impeccable as SXM Vacances also runs a car rental service business. As such, the maintenance and state of all vehicles are constantly inspected to ensure the expected high standards are met. Depending on the type of tour you select, you may either ride in one of our luxurious buses or jeeps. The jeeps are mostly reserved for the jeeps/ surf & turf tours while the buses are used for the shopping and island tours.  

Exceptional service

From the guides to the drivers, the service given is of the highest standard as SXM employee pride themselves in their representation of the island’s culture and hospitality. Every SXM guide is friendly, approachable and passionate about this beautiful island. As such, you will feel welcome from the moment you are greeted till long after the tour has ended.

Whether you have visited St. Maarten before or you are planning your first trip, a tour would enhance your experience tremendously as you will never be as well knowledgeable of all the best spots as a local guide will. The types and prices of the tours offered by SXM vary from low to high to accommodate most budgets. Hence there is no need to worry about breaking the bank in order to have an enjoyable vacation.

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