4 Reasons to let us help you build your team in St Maarten

build-team-st-maartenThe cornerstone of every establishment, business or organization has always and will always be the people. The products a company sells matter less than the person selling it; that is a company with an incredible product will fail if it consists of only unhappy, unmotivated salesmen and employees. Likewise, a company with motivated, engaged employees is more likely to succeed regardless of the product or services it sells. This is the reason more and more corporations are turning to team building to booster morale and teamwork. Rather than spending an awkward afternoon or day in the conference room, let SXM Vacances handle your company’s team building needs today. Below is a list of some reasons to allow SXM Vacances build your team.

Employees feel valued and appreciated

By sending your employees to the Caribbean instead of the common bagel and coffee conference room ice breakers, you are letting your employees know they are important to you. This is an investment that reflects the value you put on them and lets them know their input is appreciated. The staff at SXM Vacances is aware of this and aims to create a memorable atmosphere/experience. Moreover, SXM is experienced in handling both small and large corporate team building.  

Attracts new talents

In today’s society, the younger generation (millennials) consider a host of factors when applying and considering different job offers. Office culture, team building, etc., are just as important as salary and benefits package these days. As such a company that invests more money in the wellbeing and morale of its employees would be more attractive to the younger talents. In addition, this would be good for the company’s image.

Improves communication

In the office, conversations usually tend to revolve around work. However, during the activities and excursions planned by SXM, your employees will have an opportunity to get to know each other better. Moreover, what better way is there than to have a carefree conversation while relaxing on the beach at the end of the day. This will improve communication when they return to the office as they will have developed a better understanding of each other. Also, a number of activities are purposely geared towards team communication enhancement.

Inter-departmental relationships are established

The days spent exploring the island and its culture ensures that there is enough time for all employees to mingle with each other.  As such, departments that rarely come in contact with each other will finally have a chance to actually meet and get to know each other. This improves interdepartmental collaboration and establishes a solid line of communication. In addition to this, departments will be more at ease when requesting help from their colleagues in other departments, resulting in higher productivity and growth.

A large percentage of the active hours for most people is spent at work. As such, building a relationship and establishing friendships creates trust, improves productivity and makes the workplace a more enjoyable environment for your employees. Let SXM help you improve the morale, engagement, and teamwork of your employees today.

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