5 Romantic Things you should do in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

The Caribbean is the ideal destination for all couples: news couples, old ones or future ones!
You are coming to Saint Martin / Sint Maarten Destination and you are wondering what is the romantic things to do in the Island? Here we go!

  1. Walking along the Sunset at Mullet Bay
    Of course, this is the MUST DO on our list. Mullet Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island and it is usually full during the day but at sunset, everyone is leaving the beach and you have the whole beach for yourself
  2. Doing a Sunset Cruise
    That’s the best if you want to impress your partner! You have lots of possibilities with catamaran sail trip ( cheapest price ) but you can always book a private boat if your budget allows to
  3. Organizing a Pic-Nic at Happy Bay
    Happy Bay is a private beach only accessible by sea or hiking trails ( 20 minutes walk ). There are trees where you can install your picnic. The beach is completely wild, no lounge chairs or umbrellas.
  4. Eating at a Restaurant by the sea
    This is one of the most exciting: you did already all rooftops but you never tried a French Restaurant by the turquoise Caribbean sea? That’s possible in Saint Martin French Side!
  5. Doing a gondola trip trough  Simpson bay Marina
    For the ones who haven’t been to Venice, that’s the best way to enjoy the sunset only for the two of you …

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