6 Activities in St Maarten that You Will Remember

There are numerous fun activities to enjoy in St. Maarten, some you will forget as soon as you are done while others you will remember long after you are gone. It’s the second type that motivates so many to return year after year. SXM Vacances has acquired the necessary equipment alongside a team of professionals to deliver this second class of activities for vacationers. It is in these activities/excursions that unforgettable memories and a love for the Caribbean lifestyle and culture will be created. Below is a list of 6 packages offered by SXM Vacances.

Jeep Safari

The jeep safari tour is essentially a short tour that allows you to explore both sides of the island (French & Dutch). In this safari, you not only visit both sides of the island, but time is also set aside for picture taking at different locations, beach relaxation and shopping. You are shown little markets and shopping centers you otherwise might have missed. Throughout this entire tour, you will be connected to your guide via a walkie talkie.  As such, there is no chance of getting lost.


St. Maarten/ St. Martin is known to have one of the most beautiful underwater sea life and corals. You will definitely be impressed by the underwater beauty and enjoy swimming with the fishes. This is one of the top contenders for reasons why people can’t wait to revisit the island.

Shopping Tour

In this tour, the focus would be to hit all the major shopping centers and markets on both sides of the island. Here you will get a chance to view many of the hand crafted products made by the local merchants on both sides of the island. This is truly an unforgettable experience made even better by the use of the walkie talkies. Without any fear of getting lost or being left behind, you can allow yourself to fully enjoy the experience.  

Island Boat rides

Here, you will be able to take in the beauty of the island as you cruise along the coast. Your guide will also show you the best locations to swim, snorkel and truly enjoy the natural beauty of the island. At the end of this activity, you will be harmed with a wealth of information for your underwater activities and exploration around the island.

Surf & Turf Tour

This activity is a combination of both land and sea adventures. It begins with sightseeing by jeep, followed by different locations for photos, shopping and finally the sea aspect. In the sea aspect of this package, you will be allowed to drive your own two man boat as you follow your guide and communicate over the walkie talkie. Finally, towards the end of this tour, equipment will be provided for those who are interested in snorkeling and exploring the coastline.

Rent a boat for the day to relax and enjoy deep sea snorkeling

Rent a boat for the day and enjoy deep sea adventures with your family. From fishing to deep sea snorkeling, this is a good way to end your vacation. Back on land, enjoy your catch of the day with family and friends or friendly locals while you luxuriate in that perfect Caribbean beach weather as a chef prepares your catch.

St Maarten/St Martins has so much to offer and with so little time to spend, the odds are you are probably missing out on a number of amazing little markets and restaurants.  Let SXM Vacances guide your next trip, book with us today and finally enjoy the true Caribbean experience

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