About us

What defines us

  • The largest Touring, Transportation and excursion company in St Maarten/ Saint Martin with 12 Locations and the largest fleet of cars in service. We pride ourselves on our high standards for customer service and are proud to welcome back repeat guest’s year after year.
  • A destination Management Company owned by Romeo Fleming who dedicated his life to Tourism & Travel agencies (President of Tourism Office until 2005)
  • A travel agency (receptive) which provides excellent services and information about our Island
  • In-house Partners along with ownership of all equipment and own staff
  • No Mediators
  • Adapts its offers to everyone
  • We specialies on special requests, serving you 365 days a year.

  • #1 Top rated overall and most populat tours and transportation company in zagat’s 2013/2014 survey. In addition we were also Most popular company, and receiving #1 rankings in service and reliability. 

  • If you meet any of our staff, you can: be chauffeured, be driven on a bus, be captained on a water vessel, join a tour or excursion, participate in a land or sea activity by yourself, with friends and family as well as being catered for special events such as company conventions, groups of all types as the products offered and available vary from basic to luxurious.

Why did we choose the hummingbird for our logo

The hummingbird is a species of the  hummingbird Torchilidalae family. We can find him in many Caribbean islands such as Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Martinique and of course Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. It is around 3.55 inches and flies really fast. We love that bird because of its colorful feathers 

with emerald-green and silver. It is eating only nectar from flowers and we fall directly in love when it’s just laying down on tropical flowers as the sun sets below the horizon with the fizzing wildlife of Sint Maarten. You can find it easily in damp forests & mangrove and also in flowered gardens.

Even if the seagulls were judged more appropriate for populations from islands, we think that the hummingbird is the perfect harmony between the charm and the wild animal that it represents. Otherwise, this absolute goodwill represents exactly what humans were looking for through their art, music and the Humanity.

sxm-vacancesOur Common point

Sxm Vacances finds into its logo its inspirations. It should as much as possible reproduce the hummingbird’s harmony.
The Hummingbird is:

– Bright as our Ideas
– Majestic as our Island
– Colorful as our Suggestions
– Fast as our Customer-follows-up

We offer

  • Transportation
  • Aqua Fun Rides
  • The TOP 10
    It is an Island Tour including the TOP 10 best spots in St Martin / St Maarten Destination.
    It is possible to hold up to 96 passengers in our 4 coasters (24 passengers per coaster).
  • Bella Tours
  • 4×4 Jeep Safari Tours
  • Food Tasting Tours
  • Surf and Turf
  • Caribbean Sea Adventures
  • Water Taxi
Our mission


• We have car rentals at hertz

• We have drivers and busses from Xaro

• We have boats and skipper from Exquisite

• 5 Companies owned & managed from within by one person along with team

And Why?

We believe that working in a company which already has 3 partners like we do is the best way to guarantee you comfort and serenity

We think that best service is possible when we have the best equipment as we do

We are sure that the development of tourism is providing by an excellent sense of managing

Our success

• 1 Group of Companies ONE 
• 1 Group of Partners ONE
• 1 Group of Services ONE
• Dedicated to Tourism as ONE
• We Are ONE providing ALL services legally established respectfully on both French Side & Dutch Side Island Wide
• Successful Internationally: Airlines, Cruise Ships, Individuals, Corporations & Affiliations


We hope you choose Xaro Tours and transportation for your vacation in St. Maarten/ St. Martin.
We look foward to meet you and show you an Exquisite side of St. Maarten/ St. Martin!

HERTZ Reina Martin, Manager Email : hertz@sintmaarten.net web : www.sxmrentacar.com
Phone : + 1 (721) 545 4541 Fax : +1 (721) 545 4540 Office : +1 721 545 4541

XARO & EXQUISITE Djoeke Van Der Werf, Manager
Email : xarotransfers@gmail.com Phone : +1 721 520 56 85 Office : +1 721 545 4541

SXM VACANCES DMC Asia Jean Dupont, Manager
Email : asia.jeandupont@sxmvacancesdmc.com Phone : +590 690117777 Office : +1 721 545 4541

ROMEO FLEMING GROUP OF COMPANIES Ian Fleming, Marketing Manager for all companies
Email : ian.fleming@hertzsxm.com Phone: +590 690 22 35 35 35 Office: +1 721 545 4541