In Saint-Martin/Sint Marteen, you have so much to do as jet skiing, fly boarding … the best way to transform sea into a giant playground ! And no ages ! Children, adults, everyone can play.



Jet ski :

An incredible way to marry the waves with speed motors. A lot of watersports check-point permit you to jet ski between 30 minutes and one hour (even more) in a lot of bays. You can also do a jet ski tour around the island for all day !


Fly board :
This is a new-fashioned type of watersports which is successful. The objective for beginners is to fly as long as possible above the water. You feel like being the new Iron Man coming out from the seas.


Pedal Boat / Paddle / Kayak

Let’s enjoy a big day at the beach discovering all its treasures without needing to swim more !
Pedal Boats are often used for families with child around 7 years old and Kayak for the Sportiest ones !
And Paddle is new fashioned and is really great when you want to work on your all body !


Many surfers enjoy their trip in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten as they could surf above the waves at many spots. Some surfers from St Maarten became famous and participated to many international competitions.


Other Activities :

A lot of people love to do hiking in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. Some beaches are not accessible by cars and the Pic Paradis, the highest mountain, make some tourists really curious. You’ll meet a lot of bikes as teenagers used this type of transports to go to school or to do their daily sport.


This activity is really appreciated : riding an horse before the sunset at the beach, what a magical trip !


Of course, this activity will be your favorite.


Sint Maarten has many spas ( see the SPA Tab ) as you can relax during all your holidays without regretting your home.


You have definitely to sail once before going home ! Many charter companies suggest you to take you in a sea trip as Exquisite {LINK} . Private Charters, Snorkeling trip, Aqua fun and more !


Island Tours
If you don’t have the courage to take your map and discover the island by yourself you can easily do an island tour with Xaro company {LINK}  for example : discover the Top 10 to do in the Island, The Food trip and many more !


Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is the capital for gourmets ! Italian, French, local … So many to discover all around the island with the perfect sea view.


As we said in Sint Maarten’s history, no taxes ! You can buy all the brands you want and the price will surprise you : Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Rolex… But also all the cosmetics/perfumes you need : Nina Ricci, Dior, Chanel … Men be careful to your ladies !