Frequently asked questions from our guests:
America’s Cup, one of the best-known trophies in international sailing yacht competition, was first offered as the Hundred Guinea Cup in 1851, by Queen Victoria’s Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain, for a race around the Isle of Wight. The cup was won by the “America”, a 100-foot (30-metre) schooner from New York City, and subsequently became known as the America’s Cup. The American winners of the cup donated it to the New York Yacht Club for a perpetual international challenge competition…

Since then, The America’s Cup, affectionately known as the Auld Mug, is a trophy awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup match races between two sailing yachts. One yacht, known as the defender, represents the yacht club that currently holds the America’s Cup. The second yacht, known as the challenger, represents the yacht club that is challenging for the cup after many qualifying regattas.
The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy.

Our fleet consists of 4 original “12Metre Class” America’s Cup yachts from 1987, including two of the famous Stars & Stripes yachts from Dennis Conner’s championship campaign.


  • Who currently holds the America’s Cup?
    • New Zealand, won in 2017
  • When is next America’s Cup?
    • 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Challenging team will be Italy.
    • Qualifying regattas & special event regattas for modern and classic America’s Cup sailing yachts are always ongoing
  • When is the last time the USA won the cup?
    • The USA challenged and defeated the Swiss for the cup in 2010, then defeated challengers from New Zealand in 2013. They held onto the cup until 2017, when the challengers from New Zealand won and took it home to Auckland.
  • Which nations have won the America’s Cup?
    • USA, Australia, New Zealand, & Switzerland
  • Are all the America’s Cup boats the same?
    • Teams build their hulls separately and in secret in their home countries. Each team constantly looks for design changes that might give them an advantage. The teams regularly spy on one another to find out what the others are up to.
  • Can I take the helm?
    • Not during the regatta, for safety reasons. The skipper may allow guests to take the helm for a post-regatta sail, if conditions allow. The Skipper is the ultimate decision maker onboard.
  • Can I choose my boat?
    • To make it fair, we will choose two captains out of our group of guests. With these captains, we will divide the group into teams and assign boats via coin toss, rock paper scissors, etc. All of our yachts are classic “12 Metre Class” America’s Cup Racing Yachts, each with their own secret weapons and characteristics that favor different weather conditions.

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