Culinary traditions

You will discover some spicy tastes and also ‘fishy’ tastes all around the Island. The local chefs like to introduce you the local flavors: lobsters, queen conches, Ribs, local fish, fish soups. Most of these recipes are cooked with fish and local shellfishes. A lot love to do BBQ.


If you come to Sint Maarten, you’ve absolutely to taste that local meal. Each person has its own recipe but most of the people love it. It is a type of marinated and grilled pork Ribs with BBQ sauce.

Queen Conches Soup

These shellfishes could be eaten without any side dish. But most of them cook those in a local soup with fish bouillon.

Johnny Cakes/Journey Cakes

We can eat them cold or warm, with jelly, butter or syrup in the middle of your day. It is a type of fried bread which provides you energy during your holidays after walking / diving / doing watersports… etc

The legend tells that woman did them for their husbands before they went to work.

Planter’s Punch

This is a type of Drink that let you come in the Sint Maarten’s landscape. It is the Cocktail from the Caribbean flavors : old rum, guava juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, sugar cane syrup, angostura biters and nutmeg. Don’t forget to ‘Cheers’ before going back home!