How can our Staff help you have The Perfect vacation in SXM?

team-building-st-maartenAre you planning a company, anniversary or family trip? If you are in need of a team of professionals to take handle your group, then look no further than SXM Vacances. From the beginning stages of the budget planning until after you leave, we will handle everything. Let us help your group with all your needs during your stay in St Maarten. From friendly local tour guides to professional drivers, we offer a host of activities/excursions that are sure to entertain everyone in your group. We will build a team that caters to all your needs during your trip. Moreover, we also run a car rental/transportation service, as such transportation will never be an issue for your party. Below are some of the reasons why we are an excellent fit.

Staff members that are proficient in multiple languages

As most of our staff members are proficient in more than one language, it is unlikely there will be a language barrier issue. Moreover, you can request that the members of your team speak one of the 5 languages we have on order (Spanish, English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese). You can request any combination of languages according to the needs of your party and enjoy your trip with a translator on hand should s/he be needed.

Experience working with both large and small groups

Our staff is extremely experienced in all settings, from formal parties to the casual small family groups. Moreover, staff members are vetted and trained extensively to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the absolute best from our company. We see this as an important step as our clients are entrusting us with members of their families and friends. Hence, it is only fair that we do our very best to provide a high standard of service and staff.

Adaptable to different budgets

We are adaptable and willing to work around your budget.  We will create a solution or staff combination that will work for your party within a reasonable budget. As such, each plan can be scaled up or down as needed. The ultimate goal of every team member is to ensure that you and your party enjoy your in stay in St Maarten.

A personal planner/ assistant to aid you throughout your stay

The Staff at SXM are dedicated, efficient and above all perfectionists. We believe that every little detail makes a difference; the extra mile differentiates the truly extraordinary experience from the mere nice/enjoyable experience other companies offer. There is no need for a holiday planner, and in-between man, or a mediator as we take care everything from start to finish. The only thing you will be concerned about during this trip is relaxing and enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

There is no need to spend hours planning your next trip, contact the staff at SXM Vacances today and we will suggest activities and excursions according to the preferences and hobbies of your party. Afterwards, we handle everything from the reservations to the transportation of your group to ensure that you have a worry free trip.

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